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  From "Lancashire News" Year 6 N. 2

I wish to speak about this argument because many breeders who have acquired birds England or Belgium, frequently when them are back home  fid the birds dead or tremendously debilitates..

You must not forget that the bird that you have acquired has had be taken in hand either from the vendor and from you for being examined, has made a more or less long, travel in a small and dark box, finding itself after the voyage in an atmosphere completely disowned, and hostile to him.

When you ar back in your breeding, put the bird alone in a calm and not much luminous place

You will have to ask, previously, to the vendor if in the feeding, he used some particular ingredient in order to continue with the same system to not tumatize the subject ulteriorly.

As son as you'll  put it in the new cage give for one week, warm water for the bath; the bird will make use of it immediately,, remember to avoid absolutely to manipulate it or to expose to air currents.

If the birds have the an opaque and decomposed skin give for a week a bath with a soap for childs usig vapor to clean and dry it up. You will see that the skin will improve clearly.

In this period of acclimatization giv to the birds to a cure of Terramicina Formula continuation from three days of good multivitaminic product.

In order to obtain bonds in a breeding, keeps always present that is the breeder wha has to adapt to the race of choosed birds, the birds has not to adapt thenself to we; moreover considered the behavioural characteristics of the race that you want to raise soma race are more nervous than others and therefore more subject to stress or cardiac crises.

We know that a nervous and stressed breeder will transmit its state to its birds.

Reassuming therefore, with the introduction in your breeding of new birds, you must assure theem tranquillity, the bath, avoiding every manipulation for the period of adaptation to the new place in order to avoid the risk of disagreeable surprise.

                                                                                   Claude BERNARD

                                                                                  Trad. Webmaster

























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