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It is prayed to read with attention the conditions that follow before using the present web site

Limitations of Use

The Situated present Web is of property of the Colaianni Study and this sottosezione of the “Italian Club Canary Lancashire” has fine of instruction, search, use, critic and argument; I use is allowed to the single ends informed to you. In I use it of the Situated Web and in unloading given from the same one, the customer obligates itself to the respect of the terms and the previewed conditions of use in the present warning, nobody excluded. The customer who does not mean to respect the conditions of continuation use brought back is invited to abstain using the Situated given Web and unloading from the same one. The terms and the conditions of use indicated here could anytime be modified by means of the modernization of this page, than the customers with the use they declare to accept. The new terms and conditions of use will have validity from the moment of their insertion on the Situated Web. To continue to use the Situated Web as a result of the modification of the relative conditions of use will be considered like acceptance of such modifications. The last modification to the present text has been brought in date 1 Maggio 2006.

Made exception for the cases in which it is express concurred from the holder of the situated one, the materials available on the Situated one cannot be copied, reproduced, ripubblicati, record, transmitted or distributed to you in some way. The customer can only unload the material visualized on the Situated Web for personal use, provided that the notifications on the copyright and other rights of property remain attached to the copies of the original material. The customer cannot distribute, modify, transmit, re-use, send or use the fine content of the Situated Web to advertising or trades them, included witnesses, images, audio, video, without written authorization. The customer cannot interrupt or try to interrupt the operativity of the Situated Web in some way.

Negation of Responsibility - Disclaimer

Materials available on the Situated Web come supplied “therefore as they are”, without guarantee of some type, expressed or tacit. For concurred how much from the applicable law, some express or implicit, however connected or relative guarantee does not equip to situated web, included a tito it the esemplificativo one, the implicit guarantee of commerciabilità of suitability to specific use or not violation of the rights;. it is not guaranteed that the functionalities rendered available on the Situated Web never will not be interrupted or that the same ones cannot contain of the errors, than the eventual imperfections will be correct or that the Situated Web and the serveur that of it the access guarantees are lacking in virus or of other harmful elements.

The contents of the situated one could contain, although they come cures to you in most scrupulous of the ways, involontari errors or imprecisioni. The interpretations are fruit of the authors of the witnesses and they do not want absolutely to be absolute truth.

The owner reserves the right, to own discretion, to correct errors and relative omissions to the published information, do not guarantee neither are engaged to make yes that the use from part of the customer of the materials visualizes to you on the Situated Web violi the rights of third parts not of property. or from the same one controlled.

The Situated Web can be connected through of the link to other situated ones web not managed from the owner who is not therefore in charge of the such contents of situated web. The customer who uses the link in order to visit such situated connects to you exits from the Situated Web. The customer who decides to visit such situated ago connects just the risk to you and will be therefore its cure to take to all the precautionary measures to the aim to defend itself from the virus and the other harmful elements. The insertion of link on the Situated Web does not involve the approval or the adhesion of these to the situated ones connects to you and to relati to you contents, neither s'intende in some way to promote and to offer to the products that is the services of third parts for through of sayings link.

Marchi and Copyright

All mark record, mark to you of service, the denominations trade them, the loghi and the graphical rappresentazioni are of property of the holder of the situated one, but where various specified. No data available on the Situated Web must be considered, implicitly, in via of exception or in other way, like suitable action to confer licences or rights of use of it marks visualizes to you on the Situated Web without our written permission or of the thirds party owners of such it marks. The use from part of the customer of marks visualizes to you on the Situated Web, or of whichever other content of the Situated Web, but where various previewed in the present warning, is forbidden.

The pages of the Situated Web to exclusion of the images, can be reproduced on whichever support or review purchè is cited the source and the address of this situated one (according to of art. the 2575 and 2576 C.C. Legislation on the copyright)

The images visualized on the Situated Web are or of free I dominate or property of the holder of the situated one or used previa licence or drafts from situated web and constitute use material of critic or argument or illustrated citation, and in any case they are, or they can be thought, of public dominion because used nonprofit. I use of images from part of the customer, or from anyone it has been authorized from the customer, is forbidden but where specifically concurred in the present warning. The use non-authorized of such images can violare the laws on the copyright, marks, the privacy and the publicity, let alone circulars and regulations.

LEGGE 22 you open them 1941 n. 633 and successive modifications    

Art. 70.

1. Reassumed, the citation or the reproduction of brani or parts of work and their communication to the public are free if it carries out to you for critic use or of argument, in the limits it justifies you from such ends and purchè they do not constitute competition to the economic use of the work; if it carries out to you to fine of instruction or scientific search it I use must moreover happen for illustrative purposes and for fine it does not trade them.

2. In anthologies to scholastic use the reproduction cannot exceed the measure determined from the regulations, which fixed the modality for the determination of the fair compensation.

3. The reassumed one, the citation or the reproduction always must be accompanies from the mention of the title it to you of the work, the names of the author, the publisher and, if features of translation, the translator, in case such indications figure on the reproduced work.

Privacy and property of the information

But where various disposed in way expressed in the present warning, every information, communication or material that the customer transmits to the Situated Web through e-mail or in other way, included given, questions, comments or suggestions will be deal as given to you it does not reserve you and of property and will not become therefore property of the holder of the situated one. In supplying to us such information, communications and materials the customer guarantees the limitless, irrevocable right and free all over the world, to use, to reproduce public, to visualize, to reproduce, to transmit, to send and to distribute to such information and materials, in the limits you concur yourself from the applicable laws. The customer consents moreover that the holder of the situated one can free of charge use every idea, concept, know-how or contained technique in the communications sended from the customer to the Situated Web for whichever fine, included, a tito it esemplificativo, the development and the commercialization of the products through I use it of such information. The customer takes moreover action that the holder of the situated one does not want that the customer, which is engaged in such sense, supplies information or materials of diffamatorio character, threatening, obscene, that she can annoy or create disturbance in some illegal way or however, or that she contains the inside informations and of property of thirds party. The holder of the situated one will not disclose the name of the customer, neither pubblicizzerà in other way without the permission of the customer the fact who the customer has supplied material and other information, but when that are demanded from the law.

The customer, having taken vision of the policy relative to the privacy, is aware that supplied or however acquired the personal data from he in the within of the previewed activities in this situated one will be able to according to form object of treatment of D. lgs. n 196/03 in matter of privacy. Holder of the treatment is the Paschal Study Colaianni, via of Platani, 110 -00172 Rome. The supplied data will be use you for the purposes and with the modalities indicated in the policy relative to privacy and however second the modality closely necessary in order to give followed to the demands for the customers.
Moreover the data could be puttinges to acquaintance of our personal inside, name person in charge of the treatment, or subjects thirds party name responsible in the respect of the applicable norm. The customer has straight, according to of art. the 7 of Decree n° 196/03 to obtain information approximately the origin and the purposes on the personal data, approximately the subjects or the categories of subjects to which the data they are communicate to you or that they can come some to acquaintance in quality of representative designated in the territory of the State, of responsibles or people in charge, moreover it has straight to demand the modernization, rectifies it, integration, the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous shape or the block of the data deals to you in violation of law, opporsi to the treatment for legitimate reasons or of opporsi to the treatment for promozionali purposes.

Limitation of Responsibility

Under no circumstances, neanche, a tito it esemplificativo, in negligence case, the Colaianni Study and the Italian Club Canary Lancashire, or whichever subject been involved in the creation, production or transmission of the Situated Web, will be responsible in the comparisons of the customer or other subjects for damages emergent, directed, indirect, accidental, consequenziali, specific or punished to you (enclosed, a tito it esemplificativo, those deriving from lacked gain, interruption of the activity, loss of programs or data from the system used from the customer) deriving dallìutilizzo, or from the impossibility to use the contents, the materials and the functionalities of the Situated Web also in case the Italian Club Canary Lancashire or a subject authorized from the Colaianni Study is or must be to acquaintance of the possibility of taking place itself of such circumstances. Under no circumstances the responsibility of the Colaianni Study and the Italian Club Canary Lancashire for the damages, the losses and the actions lawyers will be able altogether to exceed how much paying from the respective customer, if a corrispettivo has been corresponded, for the access to the Situated Web.

The Colaianni Study and the Italian Club Canary Lancashire do not assume moreover some responsibility, and it could not be however responsible, for the damages it causes you to the computer of the customer or other assets of its property, or for the virus that they could damage them, as a result of the access, use and navigation in the Situated Web or of the download of data, witnesses, images, video or audio from the Situated Web.Salvo where specifically previewed in the present warning, the contained information on the Situated Web do not constitute an offer to the sale or one sollicitation to the purchase of tito them, produced assured or other products or services to you.

This situated one does not represent a journalistic head and comes dawned without some regularity, exclusively on the base of the contributions of modernization occasionally it sendes to you and/or it signals to you. Therefore, a publishing product of L cannot according to be considered in some way. n. 62 of the 7.03.2001. Every news, therefore like every document filler however always the name dell `author and its address of e-mail.







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